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Chicago LGBTQIA+ Group Creates Voter Activation Initiative to Impact Michigan, Wisconsin

CHICAGO, April, 5, 2024

Q FORCE Midwest Action Group is a Chicago-based, all-volunteer, grassroots movement that is organizing to recruit and activate at least 500 LGBTQIA+ and allied ‘Superhero’ volunteers for on-the-ground voter engagement, registration and turnout this year in support of Democratic candidates in the critical battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin in advance of the 2024 general election. It builds on the success of previous efforts in Southwest Michigan in the 2020 election cycle. 

The organization, led by community leaders representing the diverse spectrum of the community, is holding a northside kickoff event on Saturday April 13, 2024, 2pm @ Sidetrack The Video Bar, 3349 N. Halsted, Chicago, while a southside kickoff event will be held later this spring, with a date and location to be announced. The program, which is focused on recruiting volunteers and rallying the community, will feature community leaders and elected officials who will emphasize the importance of constructive activism in the face of the unprecedented threats to the future of democracy and LGBTQIA+ rights in a way that is accessible to all as well as being effective.  In 2020, the forerunner group of Q FORCE increased voter turnout in its targeted areas by over 5%, impacting several key races, notably the presidential election.

Q FORCE is open to all LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies who are invested in securing Democratic wins up and down the ballot. Superhero volunteers will make an impact on these elections by knocking on doors, phone banking, and text banking in order to mobilize.voters in Michigan and Wisconsin—states that are pivotal in the 2024 general election for Democrats to win. Q FORCE will host events in Michigan and Wisconsin and locally in Chicago.

Co-Chair Jin-Soo Huh said “Join us at the Q FORCE kickoff events to learn how you and your friends and family, as a community and in community, can ensure a Democratic victory on November 5, 2024 while  having some fun too! This election CAN be won, up and down the Democratic ticket, but it will take a lot of us to do the work needed to ensure victory. Grab your cape and come help register and turn out the vote in November.” The first ten attendees to the Sidetrack launch event will receive a Q FORCE tee shirt.

Learn more: RSVP for both events and sign up to volunteer at Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Our Leadership Committee:

Jin-Soo Huh (he/him) Co-Chair

Mary Morten (she/her) Co-Chair

Greg O'Neill (he/him) Co-Chair

Austin Baidas (he/him)

Jim Bennett (he/him)

Willard Dumas (he/him)

Jakob G.(he/him)

Manuel Hernández-Nuñez (he/they)

Gail Morse (she/her)

Channyn Lynne Parker (she/her)

Jim Snyder (he/him)

Coco Soodek (she/her)


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