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About Us.

Q Force organizes LGBTQ+ Chicagoans to volunteer for Democrats in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The Q Force leadership team comprises a cross-section of Chicago's LGBTQ+ communities - from college students to retired elected officials and judges - but also leading not-for-profit captains, activists, marketers, human and workers’ rights champions.

We come together to unite our community to help Midwestern Democrats win the 2024 General Election. We invite you to put your boots on the ground for Democrats in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois - Join Us!

Our Leadership Committee

Huh, Jin-Soo (he/him)   Co-Chair

Morten, Mary (she/her)   Co-Chair

O’Neill, Greg (he/him)   Co-Chair

Baidas, Austin (he/him)

Bennett, Jim (he/him)

Dumas, Willard (he/him)

G, Jakob (he/him)

Hernández-Nuñez, Manuel (he/they)

Morse, Gail (she/her)

Parker, Channyn Lynne (she/her)

Snyder, Jim (he/him)

Soodek, Coco (she/her)

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